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Nouvelle Chanson de Tindersticks : Slippin' Shoes

tindersticks - Slippin' Shoes (taken from the forthcoming Album "The Something Rain") by 247QM

from the CITY SLANG Press Release:
“”Making albums is a tricky thing; writing, arranging, playing, recording, mixing, all so important to get right. Then there is that other element which permeates everything; desire. If you have this, you can fuck up any or all of the above and still succeed in making something beautiful. We have experienced this many times.
What happens when you get all of those other elements right too? Something we have only felt once before.” (Stuart A. Staples)

1. Chocolate
2. Show Me Everything
3. This Fire Of Autumn
4. A Night So Still
5. Slippin’ Shoes
6. Medicine
7. Frozen
8. Come Inside
9. Goodbye Joe

“At the albums heart lies the memory of the people we have lost in these last two years, but we were in no mood to be maudlin. It’s to them. But it’s for us. We are still drinking, laughing, crying, fighting, fucking, making our music. They wouldn’t have wanted it any other way.”


Stuart Staples, éternel leader des élégants et ténébreux britanniques Tindersticks, donne sa première interview de l’année à Obsküre Magazine. Il livre aux lecteurs les clefs d’un nouvel album, "The Something Rain", où se dévoile un Tindesticks raffermi, plus intimiste et sombre que sur ses derniers travaux. La mort a pavé son chemin, mais le groupe en tire une étrange lumière.
(Photo : Christophe Agou)

Nouvelle chanson "Frozen"

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